Introducing our high-quality nutmeg, sourced directly from the lush forests of Indonesia. With its warm, sweet, and slightly spicy aroma, nutmeg is a beloved spice used in many traditional and contemporary recipes.

Our nutmeg is carefully selected, dried, and processed to preserve the essence of its flavor and aroma. From savory dishes like soups, stews, and curries, to sweet treats like Christmas fruitcakes and pumpkin pies, nutmeg adds a wonderful depth of flavor and complexity to any recipe.

Discover the rich and delightful flavors of nutmeg with Aksita Indonesia. Order now and experience the difference in taste and quality!


  • HS Code : 09083100
  • Form : Whole
  • Condition : Dried, Clean
  • Moisture : <12%
  • Admixture : <1%
  • Packing size : Bag of 50 kg
  • MOQ : 1 MT