Indonesia is a land of gods, with an abundance of variants of tropical plants. Indonesia has been part of the global market for spices for a long time. Due to the increasing global need, Aksita is taking steps to provide the world with access to Indonesia’s best agricultural products. Aksita provides several categories of spices, herbs, and other agricultural products based on customer requirements.

Aksita strives to do its best in the process to keep our customers happy. We believe that our value yields the best result, that’s  our team base to always focus and do maximum efforts in managing the best solution for our customers.

Cooperation with hundreds of local farmers to keep the supply safe while maximizing our team effort. Aksita offers good quality and the best service at a reasonable price to our customers.

our value

GOOD quality

Processed organically from high ground in Indonesia and managed by a professional farmer. Our crops passed several stages of tight selection to meet the customer’s requirements.

best service

Customer’s satisfaction is our top priority; we put forward our best service from pre-sales to after-sales and engage with clients at every stage of the process.

reasonable price

We understand that our customers value affordability as much as they value quality, which is why we strive to keep our prices competitive.


We envision Aksita Indonesia as a leading exporter of Indonesian spices, recognized for our commitment to sustainable sourcing and ethical business practices. 

With a focus on innovation and continuous improvement, we aim to establish long-term partnerships with our customers and become a trusted supplier of premium quality products. 

Our ultimate goal is to contribute to the growth of Indonesia’s agriculture sector while promoting the country’s cultural heritage on the world stage.


Our mission is to promote the rich diversity of Indonesian spices to the global market, while ensuring that our customers always receive high-quality products at reasonable prices. We are committed to offering excellent customer service that prioritizes honesty, integrity, and transparency in our business operations.


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Gunungsari Raya St. U-59. Sidomulyo. East Ungaran. Semarang – Central Java. ID

plantation & warehouse

Hasan Munadi St. Sendangrejo, Nyatnyono, East Ungaran. Semarang – Central Java. ID