Ginger (Zingiber officinale) comes from the underground stem called rhizome that belongs to the same family as cardamom and turmeric. Ginger has become one of the most common spices over the last decade in Asia. In Indonesia, ginger is cultivated optimally at 200 to 600 masl and can be harvested up to four times a year. It is massively cultivated in East Java, Central Java and West Java.

Ginger comes in many variants which are giant white ginger, small white ginger and red ginger. It can be differentiated based on its color, shape and taste. 


It has a large and fat rhizome, yellowish-white color, slightly fibrous and soft texture. It tastes less spicy.


Compared to the giant white, it is more yellowish on the inside, has a sharper aroma and taste and has a slightly flat shape.


It has a reddish rhizome color and coarse fiber. It has a very sharp aroma and stronger pungency than the others. Red ginger is commonly ground processed and used as a component of herbal medicine or herbal beverage.


Overall fresh ginger has a pungent, woody, lemony and earthy flavor characteristics which makes it the perfect ingredient to give a warm effect, especially in windy and cold weather. The main compound that contributes to ginger flavor is zingiberene. When tasting fresh ginger, you will detect its intense pungency that comes from gingerol. However, when the ginger is heated, the gingerol is transformed into zingerone which gives spicy-sweet and less pungent flavor.

Different regions around the world produce slightly different tastes of ginger. Jamaican ginger distinguishes itself from other cultivars by being tasted more like eucalyptus. Nigerian ginger is noted for its richness, pungency, and harsh green flavor note. Australian ginger is said to be the lemoniest cultivar with fresh and clean taste. While Indonesian ginger has stronger flavor than more common white ginger. Indonesian ginger provides an intense peppery flavor thus it is more suitable to spice up your cuisine.

what is ginger good for?

Ginger is used in various forms such as fresh ginger, dried ginger, powdered ginger, immature ginger, ginger oleoresin, ginger emulsion and ginger paste. Ginger contains numerous phytochemicals that contribute to human health such as gingerol, shogaol, zingiberene and α-curcumene, therefore ginger is widely used in traditional and folk medicines. For medicine, it is utilized to speed up digestion, aid weight loss, help to prevent cancer and boost immunity.

Other than that, ginger also can be used for a variety of food and beverage items including candy, pickle, spices and flavoring. As trends of food and beverage are rapidly growing, ginger has been used as a base ingredient in the brewing industry, called ginger beer. Ginger beer provides a fun way to consume a healthy drink. It has aromatic, pungent and tangy taste with a pleasant tingling sensation.

Ginger Beer

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